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Rethinking the Way

Churches Share

The Great Controversy

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Rethinking the Way Churches Share The Great Controversy

A modern approach to sharing The Great Controversy

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Rethinking the Way Churches Share The Great Controversy

A modern approach to sharing The Great Controversy 

Product Description

Ready to rethink your approach to evangelism? This roadmap will provide everything you need to create an effective Facebook Campaign in your community and find individuals who are interested in reading The Great Controversy.

In addition, you’ll be equipped with a follow-up strategy to turn these requests into long-term relationships.



For use at my Church only For use at up to 3 Churches For use at up to 5 Churches For use at up to 10 Churches
Pricing $299.99
$ 249.99
$ $649.99
$ 1,099.99
$ 1,999.99
Licensing Options
Licensed Organizations
Licensed for a Single Church
Licensed for up to 3 Churches
Licensed for up to 5 Churches
Licensed for up to 10 Churches
Outreach Elements
Facebook Ad Creative
Including 4 Designed Ads, Templates, and Complete Ad Copy
Facebook Lead Ad Form Recommendations
What information to collect from interested individuals
Follow-Up Strategy
Including 1 Confirmation E-mail, 1 Church Letter, and 4 Follow-Up E-mails
Strategic Roadmap - A Modern Approach to Sharing the Desire of Ages
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