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Looking for a church marketing expert to speak at your next event?

Thanks to 20 years of business experience and 10 years as a touring musician performing in hundreds of churches across the country, Chris Dellen has a deep understanding of church outreach.

Chris Dellen | President, Rethinking Evangelism

An intrapreneurial pioneer, Chris is driven by an unquenching desire to challenge the status quo. He has used his expertise to innovate in a highly competitive technology market, build multiple business units from the ground up, and help some of the biggest organizations in the world with digital engagement. By combining his unique understanding of organizational growth, business process, technology, and finance, he has a passion for helping churches think differently about how they reach their communities and experience uncommon growth.

“For the last decade, I’ve built three business units from the ground up that have helped over 150 enterprises, including four Fortune 100 companies, do just that,” Chris says. “As these enterprises spent millions with our company, we accumulated a unique wealth of knowledge, best practices, and technology know-how that can help organizations think differently about how to unleash growth."

Outside the office, Chris enjoys teaching MBA courses on Business Strategy and other topics. In addition, he is an accomplished musician with a degree in piano performance and is preparing to release his third solo album.

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What others have to say

Pete Braman
We recently invited Chris Dellen from Rethinking Evangelism to speak to our Illinois Conference pastors about digital evangelism.Chris’s presentation was inspirational, informative, and essential on how to connect with on-line interests. Furthermore, Chris shared the power of branding, promoting church ministries, and building meaningful relationships through your media footprint. As a church leader, Chris understands the challenges many of our churches face and offered an array of customizable, hands-on options. I would highly recommend DELMAR services as a viable option for any conference to consider.
Pastor Pete Braman
Ministerial Director | Illinois Conference of SDA

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