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Our Team


Our Team

Our tremendously talented team is passionate about helping churches grow. That’s why it is truly a blessing to combine our skills and experience to help churches rethink how they approach evangelism.


Chris Dellen | President

An intrapreneurial pioneer, Chris Dellen is the President at Delmar & Rethinking Evangelism. He is driven by an unquenchable desire to challenge the status quo. By combining a unique understanding of organizational growth, process optimization, technology, and finance, he has the ability to help organizations think differently about how they grow.

For over 15 years, he’s helped for-profit organizations use the most sophisticated tools and technologies available to help them grow. And now he’s taking that expertise and helping churches do the same!

Outside the office, he enjoys spending time with his family and occasionally teaching MBA courses on Business Strategy and other topics.


Jennifer Wilson | Senior Growth Manager

Jennifer works closely with churches and behind the scenes to ensure that content is created and shared in an effective and timely manner. She loves the way Rethinking Evangelism uses technology and modern tools to help churches greatly expand their reach and influence in their communities and across the world, and she is so happy to be a part of such a wonderful effort.

She has a varied background in healthcare, insurance, and finance, but she has finally found her passion in marketing - especially marketing for churches. She loves seeing companies succeed and grow, but it is even more fulfilling when it also serves as a ministry to spread God’s word and share the love of Jesus.

Jennifer resides in South Carolina with her husband and four children. She is adventurous and loves to travel, but she is happiest just spending time with her family and friends.

Jennifer Wilson

Emileigh Perry | Growth Manager

Emileigh Perry is a Growth Consultant with Delmar. She works with churches to create their social media posts, Google and Facebook ads, weekly marketing emails, as well as any other projects that may be needed. She loves working with a company whose main focus is spreading the gospel of Jesus.

She resides in Simpsonville, SC with her daughter, Elise. She enjoys spending time with friends and family and reading a good book.

Previously, she worked for 8 years helping first responders protect their families with life insurance policies and has a massive background in customer service.


Kristin Albrecht | Growth Manager

Kristin is a growth manager with marketing experience in project management, web design, strategy, and more. She is passionate about building out business processes and streamlining them for efficiency. She loves the opportunity to take her business skills and apply them to the growth and expansion of churches. She believes that all work is a labor of love when you know your work is helping to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Kristin has a bachelor’s degree in health administration, and through her career has had the opportunity to work with many small or up-and-coming businesses. playing a strategic role in company growth and expansion.  When there are no corporate boundaries limiting creativity Kristin can thrive and figure out the greatest ways to problem solve and accomplish company goals.

Kristin lives in Simpsonville, SC with her husband and daughter. She loves spending time with family and friends, traveling, and playing games. She is active in her church, and also handles all marketing for her husband Jason’s business.

kristin profile

Madeline Moody | Growth Manager

“Having the privilege to work with Chris and the team at Delmar has been an answered prayer. Chris is truly one who inspires and builds you every day not only as an employee but as a person and the level of care and thought he puts into his work for his clients is inspiring. I love that I am able to put my knowledge and skills to the test while also having the opportunity to explore more of my creative side and belong to a team who wants everyone to succeed.”
Madeline is a Growth Manager for Delmar & Rethinking Evangelism. She has a natural love for building relationships with any and everyone and strives to make a difference in your day-to-day life. She thrives in thinking through challenges. The more complex, the better. She is always seeking out opportunities to push her boundaries and test her creativity.

Madeline currently resides in Greenville, South Carolina with her husband and two rescue pups (Opie & Sarge). Outside of work, she enjoys camping, going to the lake, and doing furniture restoration.

Rebecca Nix | Senior Graphic Design and Social Media

"Working for Delmar is an open door by the Lord's hand, and it has been such a blessing. Chris is a kind person who is driven to help promote the message and light to a world in need. I'm grateful to be a part of a work that will help reach others through my graphic design as well as having the opportunity to learn new things and continue to grow in knowledge and skills."

Rebecca resides in Spartanburg, South Carolina and she assists with the graphic design and content creation for various events, website graphics, and social media outlets. She applies unique branding for each church and ensures it flows and unifies all designs.

Rebecca has a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts for Studio Art from Virginia Tech, but she's always enjoyed graphic design because of its flexibility and the endless possibilities it provides. She attends the Church of Covenant Blessings which also keeps the Sabbath, and she does social media work for the church as well. She runs a "Prayer Warriors" page and a "Voices for Light, Truth, and Justice" page on facebook. In addition, she will do art commissions for friends and family and craft greeting cards. If time allows, she will spend her free time watching shows and anime or playing video games, but she will always make time throughout the day, everyday, to spend with the Lord.


Katie Bausman | Senior Copywriter & Growth Manager

Katie Bausman has worked in marketing/communications for over 15 years with clients ranging from global brands, small businesses, nonprofits and churches to universities, print magazines, tourism boards, high school sports associations and convenience stores. Most recently, this includes roles at creative agencies, creating content for national advertising campaigns, executing inbound marketing strategies and helping clients communicate more effectively.

Specializing in copywriting and copyediting, her writing experience covers a broad range of content for a variety of audiences: website content, blog posts and downloadable resources for B2B and B2C audiences; emails, social media, print materials and fundraising appeals for nonprofit donors; feature stories for print magazines and newspapers; and scripts for TV/radio spots, podcasts and events. Proficient in AP Style, she also copyedits with great attention to detail and consistency.

Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, reading and taking long walks. She and her husband stay especially busy keeping up with their two young daughters.

Bausman_Katie (1)

Lindsey Quinones | Senior Graphic Designer

Lindsey Quinones has worked in graphic design and marketing communications professionally for more than 12 years, on teams for both large, nationally known brands as well as small start-up businesses and churches. She has a passion for clean, engaging design as a method for clear and effective communication, and seeks to constantly enrich her learning experience to meet the changing needs and aesthetics of today's consumers. With experience in print and digital design, content writing and editing, web design and content management, and social media marketing, she can contribute to multi-platform approaches to ensure an integrated, seamless marketing experience.

Outside of work, she enjoys spending active time with her family and dog in nature and stays busy with many activities with her church family as well.

Lindsey Quinones

Sarah Wilson |data analytics & digital advertising

Sarah Wilson is new to marketing, but not to analyzing details. She helps Delmar with reporting and advertising and works at Whole Foods Market one day a week. Previously she worked for a private event planner, in the special events department of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society's New York City - Southern New York Chapter and in fundraising for the Institute for Humane Studies and the Mercatus Center at George Mason University. She graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2003 with a Bachelors in Psychology.

She lives in Virginia with her husband, Russell, and her two energetic sons. Sarah's still a VCU Rams fan who enjoys thrifting, food, friends, adventure and reading.

Untitled design (68)

Julienne Trees | Graphic Design and Social Media

"It is so exciting getting to be part of the Delmar team! Chris uniquely leads Rethinking Evangelism in a way that exemplifies Matthew 22:37-39. He has a passion for helping churches develop their communications and spread God's word and also truly cares about the individual growth of his team members. It is a blessing to be able to help with this mission while also having the opportunity to develop and grow my graphic design skills."

Julienne graduated Cum Laude from Liberty University with a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies. She has a background in art and customer service, and is excited to use her passion for design to share the love of Jesus. She works with the graphic design team to ensure that content is created and shared in an effective and timely manner. She has a genuine desire to help churches grow their communications with members and their outreach to the community.

Originally from Van Wert, Ohio, she currently lives in Greenville, SC with her husband. Julienne loves to spend time with her husband exploring new places, going on long walks, playing video games, eating delicious food, and working out together. She also enjoys swimming, reading, and baking tasty treats to share with others.


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Rethinking Evangelism has revolutionized the way I track guest relations and has made connecting with guests easier and more efficient.
Pastor Anthony Nix
Pastor | Anderson SDA Church

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